Code of Honor

Good Intentions

Every good soldier, lives by the fight, dies for the fight.
Every good soldier, earns his income by being loyal to a certain military or country.

A soldier, has a code of honor.
He knows when to fight, and when not.
for example a soldier will never kill a woman or child, when they are victims in the area of war.
Another example; kids will not be used as cheap soldiers to sustain war.

A soldier has a code of honor.
A code of honest laws and rules.
A code which gives the intention to war in a decent way.

This code of honor is borrowed from a military idea of hierarchy.

for example a code of honor has to describe what plight what possible actions a soldier my have.
The plight for a soldier is to ultimately win war with his fellow soldiers.
The plight for a soldier is to defend woman, children, innocent citizens.

As a soldier is trained to be of service. As a soldier is experienced by history wars.

For an agency in the religious sector.
There is no war, there is no defend against aggressiveness.
there is no conflict to fight over the strongest.

For an agency in the religious sector,
There is the vision of the devotee, the vision of every member.
There is the vision of experienced commited partakers.
There is the vision of the newly joined.

An agency has the form of a group, foundation, or religious groupment.
An agency has members, some alreade longtime members others newly joined.

An agency is formed by the merits of every member.
Whereas each of them has a special ability, being of avail to the agency.

As every company has rules, this one is subject to rightious laws.
Laws; as in a democratic country, arranges what is allowed and what is forbidden.
A decent law is to abstain from aggressiveness or criminal behaviour.
Another decent law is to forbid stealing and thievery.

Each democratic country, where the citizens as a whole selects the laws being applicable,
is led by government and the tools to create a society.

The code of honor states for its members that they adhere to
the decent laws in the country they live in.
Surely when a country has a dictator and propeganda, laws are not reasonable.

The code of honor; abides with decent laws to be allowed existence
in the country they are based or denominated in.
The coe of honor; Between members have a set of habits to make communication and work distribution easy.

The goal of a religion is mostly taugth by the sources of it.
The christian doctrine tells us to have compassion for poor and disabled people
The hindu doctrine tells us to be a servant of good powers. (from Vishnu, Shiva to Param Atman)
The buddha doctrine tells us to be compassionate and detached from the mind.

To describe the goal of Agentix:
It has a threefold way of expression.
One is to bring rules to countries where famine or corruption has foot.
Rules to create a healhty hierarchy.
To erase corruption. to enlarge laws for supporting poor and sick.
The second is to preserve culture and existing religions.
The third is to put a step on the personal religious life.

By Prayer, Meditation or Virtue.