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Become an Agent

Envision a large cooperation, in the numbers of an international giant on fuel services.
By the sale of fuel around the globe it has a profit of billions.
A sales volume of gigantic proportions.
Envision that such a cooperation has its own educational facility, giving expertise to all its employees.
This organisation is one of the few companies that large, and that widespread on earth.

This cooperation is not existing in this world, but when we look on this example to
compare with a religion. we could compare it with christianity or hinduism.
Or the tribal cultures that have been in the past. In rome, in greece.

Envision that part of such a big organisation exists and is part of an agency.
An agency with the purpose to heal society, give oppurtunities to those in need.

This agency is part of a new religion. Not being devoted to gods or demi-gods.
God as a being superior to us, superior and formed as a human.

A new religion, is not devoted to Christ or Vishnu,
A new religion, is not devoted to a spirit or incarnation of gods,

This religion is devoted to a title, a direction an expression.
It has no source of human existence.
It has no goal towards a person who have lived in the past, nor in the future.
It has no obligation to save saints or angels.

This religion has as the only act or ritual to appoint prayers towards this title:
The title as named Omnipotence and Supreme Power.
The title is the guideline to this new religion.

This religion is formed by all its members, who take responsability for all their actions.
The members are to follow the laws of countries, nations, worldwide alliances.

This religion, is subserviant to the goodness of all hierarchies in the world, or on the planet.
This religion, is guided by the needs of the whole society.
This religion, is source of deeds done for the agency.
This religion, has no name or symbol, it is a hidden source.

To become an agent: Surrender to the Allmighty, the Omnipotence, the Supreme power.
Surrender by prayer, Surrender by intention, Surrender by choice.

To become an agent, you have to be sincere in this prayer.
Agents, get proof of their appointment when awarded by the Omnipotence.

From the moment of entry and surrendering in prayer,
the person is an agent, or an adept of this religion.

The agency is ultimately commanded by the supreme commander.
The supreme commander as the title in religious description
is the supreme power, the Omnipotence. the allmighty.

As a second detail of such a agency,
in america they believe in the freemasons and great geometer.
So as a sacred agent surrender to the Great Geometer,
and buy a ring of them at masonicfindstore.

As a proud freemason, i type this as a central message
to all wishing to be part of the freemasons.

And for starters when surrendering to the Great Geometer,
you are not dependent anymore on a loge or other kind of rites.

So the Great Geometer asks for people to join that
Sacred secret agency.

in dutch the Architect van het Heelal.